New Mexico INBRE Summer Experience (NISE)

 The NISE programs offer different options for undergraduate students to get summer research experience and training.  The summer work experience will conclude in a presentation of results at a research symposium, held during the first week of August. 


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1. NISE-Prep:* The goal is to allow undergraduate students without laboratory experience, to work in a research laboratory for the summer at the students’ home institution. The ideal participating student is entering their sophomore or junior year, interested in learning more about careers in biomedical research, and has not previously worked in a research lab. Faculty mentors will provide research-related guidance to their student mentees. Students will develop skills to move into a biomedical research career.

2. NISE-Bootcamp:** The goal is to increase student understanding of biomedical research and enhance their career development through a mixture of laboratory experiences and lecture-based activities on the New Mexico State University (NMSU) campus. Promising students between Sophomore and Junior Year (or those expecting to be 2 academic years away from a BS/BA degree) with little to no research experience will work with researchers at NMSU, including workshops to develop bench and college-success skills. NISE-Bootcamp will provide students with an authentic research experience to prepare them to pursue a career in science. NISE bootcamp will help students move from an academic understanding of science to hands-on experience with research techniques and concepts. An important expected outcome of this program is having students apply for and conduct mentored research internships the summer after they participate in Bootcamp.

3. NISE-Internship:*** The goal is to enhance student research skills and prepare participants for graduate education in biomedical research and/or health research careers. Advanced students, ideally between their Junior and Senior Year (or those entering their final/senior year as an undergraduate), planning to apply to graduate school in biomedical/behavioral sciences in the next year with research experience will be matched with NMSU or University of New Mexico (UNM) faculty to conduct independent biomedical research projects at NMSU or UNM. NISE-internship will help students identify appropriate graduate programs, and gain the application skills to make them competitive for entry into advanced degrees. An important and expected outcome is for students to apply to biomedical or behavioral graduate programs during the academic year following their NISE Internship.

For students interested in Bioinformatics, an additional student opportunity is available at the National Center for Genome Resources.
Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


For additional details about the NISE programs, please visit our Student Research Opportunities page.


Application Requirements New Mexico INBRE Summer Experience (NISE)

Thanks for your interest in the New Mexico INBRE Summer Experience (NISE), a paid, intensive summer experience that specifically helps Promising Undergraduate students at NM-INBRE network institutions, at formative career stages.


Beginning no later than June 1, 2019 through the first week of August 2019. Additional days may be required by your institution.


Students must show proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status.

Full-time summer availability (not enrolled in summer coursework) 

I. Personal details
II. Personal Statement
III. Agreement to Terms of Participation
IV. Copy of your academic transcript (official or unofficial)



Applications are now available through the student research opportunities tab. If you plan to apply, you can begin to prepare the materials for your application which, at a minimum, include the following components:

  1. Personal details, including
  • Contact information and demographics 
  • Academic information such as matriculation or enrollment ID number, academic institution, class (eg, freshman, sophomore, etc.),
  • Previous research or scientific experience (if applicable),
  • Future education and career plans
  1. Personal Statement, which will be approximately one page that describes
  • Why you want to do research
  • How this research experience relates to your personal and professional goals
  • Any experiences that may qualify you to participate in such research
  • Any additional information that will help us evaluate your preparation and ability to succeed

Also, if you have encountered challenges that have affected your educational career, either positively or negatively, please let us know about those. Please discuss how your prior life experiences (in academia, professional, volunteer, etc) show your dedication to the pursuit of advanced degrees in the sciences.

  1. Agreement to Terms of Participation

In submitting your completed application you agree to:

  • Affirm that all information provided to the NISE Program is true and complete
  • Allow NISE to check your references, academic information, and/or background
  • Provide all requested information
  • Commit to full-time summer employment, free from coursework or additional employment obligation
  • Participate in all NISE educational and research activities to fulfill full-time summer employment obligation
  • Provide education and career progress information for a period of 5 years following NISE participation
  1. Academic transcript (official or unofficial)


New Mexico INBRE investigator Dr. Kevin Houston has been awarded $1 million by the NIH

New Mexico INBRE investigator Dr. Kevin Houston has been awarded a $1 million, four-year grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to investigate how GPER1-dependent mechanisms of tamoxifen action contribute to tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer cells. 

The goal of this multiyear study entitled "GPER1-Dependent Regulation of IGF-1R in Tamoxifen Treated Breast Cancer Cells" is to further characterize how GPER1 is involved in the development of tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer cells and to identify potential targets for future design of pharmaceutical treatments that can lessen the likelihood that resistance will develop in breast cancer patients that are treated with tamoxifen.

In addition, this funding will provide the resources necessary to encourage and support both undergraduate and graduate students in research training while they are completing their studies at NMSU. 

Drug discovered by New Mexico INBRE's UNM Liaison Dr. Eric Prossnitz and former NM-INBRE Director Dr. Jeff Arterburn could lead to new cancer treatments.

Fifteen years after a chance meeting started their partnership, a compound Jeffrey Arterburn, and Eric Prossnitz discovered may lead to new skin cancer treatments. Complete Article


Congratulations to Dr. Rodolfo Tello-Aburto, one of our INBRE investigators for recently receiving federal funding by NIH for his R15 entitled "Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of Peptide Beta-Lactones as Proteasome Inhibitors and Anticancer Agents"

NM-INBRE Annual Symposium Award Winners


Here’s a big shout out to our First Symposium Award Winners!  Congratulations for always showing that hard work pays off!


  • Jacob Justice (SJC)
  • Gayatri Gautam (NMT)
  • Joedy Quintana (NMHU)
  • Primal Silva (NMT)


  • Danielle Turner


  • Antonio Serrano
  • Joedy Quintana


  • Amanda Ashley
  • Sally Pias


  • Vallabh Shah


  • Snežna Rogelj


UNM-Zuni Partnership – Home-Based Kidney Care for Native Americans

On a warm, sunny afternoon, 15 Zuni men and women gather around a table in a nondescript white warehouse on the outskirts of the pueblo as a few people are setting out a healthy buffet lunch that includes homemade chicken lettuce wraps, garlic bread and fresh fruit. Vallabh (Raj) Shah, PhD, is at the front of the room setting up his computer and projector for the presentation he is about to give. Complete Article

‘Bee’ healthy: NMSU researchers study medicinal benefits of oregano for bees

NM-INBRE Investigator Don Hyder and NM-INBRE Liaison Eric Miller, professors of biology and chemistry, respectively, at San Juan College in Farmington, are using gas chromatography to analyze the nectar and honey samples to determine chemical compounds.  Complete Article 

NCGR Spring Differential Gene Expression Workshop

Where: NCGR, Santa Fe, NM 87505

When: April 8-12, 2019

Click here for details and how to apply!

NCGR Summer Bioinformatics Internship/Training

Where: NCGR, Santa Fe, NM 87505

When: July 1-26,  2019

Click here for details and how to apply!

NM-INBRE/NCGR Conference* on Integrative Omics, March 14-15, 2019, downtown Santa Fe NM

*New Mexico BioInformatics, Science and Technology (NMBIST) Symposium presents

Click here for conference registration site!





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