Publisher: Oxford University Press (ISSN 1367-4803); International Society for Computational Biology 

Description: The leading journal in its field, Bioinformatics publishes the highest quality scientific papers and review articles of interest to academic and industrial researchers. Its main focus is on new developments in genome bioinformatics and computational biology. Two distinct sections within the journal "Discovery Notes and Application Notes" focus on shorter papers; the former reporting biologically interesting discoveries using computational methods, the latter exploring the applications used for experiments.


Publisher: Cell Press (ISSN 0092-8674), Cambridge, Massachusetts

Description: Cell publishes reports of novel results in any area of experimental biology.

International Journal of Genomics  (formerly titled Comparative and Functional Genomics)

Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Coporation (ISSN 2314-4378) New York, NY and Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Description: International Journal of Genomics (formerly titled Comparative and Functional Genomics) publishes original research and reviews dealing with the post-sequencing phases of genome analysis. The journal provides a broad forum, covering studies of complex and model organisms. Research exploiting model organisms with fully sequenced genomes to understand gene function in more complex organisms are also included. Papers presenting bioinformatic and computational tools for the study of gene and genome organization are welcomed, in addition to articles covering the application of functional genomics in an industrial context, such as pharmacogenomics and genomics-based drug target identification methods.


Publisher: Genetics Society of America (ISSN 0016-6731) Bethesda, Maryland

Description: Founded in 1931, the Genetics Society of America includes over 4,000 scientists and educators interested in the field of genetics. The Society promotes the communication of advances in genetics through publication of the journal GENETICS, and by sponsoring scientific meetings focused on key organisms widely used in genetic research:
  • the Drosophila Research Conference,
  • the Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology Meeting,
  • the International C. elegans Meeting,
  • the International Conference on the Cell and Molecular Biology of Chlamydomonas,
  • the Fungal Genetics Conference,
  • and beginning in 2006, the Zebrafish Development and Genetics Meeting.

Genome Research

Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (ISSN 1088-9051), Cold Spring Harbor, New York

Description: Launched in 1995, Genome Research is an international, monthly, peer-reviewed research journal that focuses on large-scale genomic and post-genomic studies that present novel data of biological significance from all organisms. Among the research considered by the journal are novel reports on gene discovery, comparative genome analyses, proteomics, evolution studies, informatics, genome structure and function, technological innovations and applications, statistical and mathematical methods, cutting-edge genetic and physical mapping and DNA sequencing, and other reports that present data where sequence information is used to address biological concerns.


Publisher: Academic Press (ISSN 0888-7543), Orlando, Florida

Description: The goal of Genomics is the promotion of all facets of human and mouse genetic analysis. The scope of the journal is broad, and studies of other species that provide important insights into gene function in human and mouse will be considered. The editors welcome original, full-length, comprehensive, and timely papers that represent significant advances in our under- standing of how genes function in normal and/or disease states. Papers in the areas of functional genomics, identification of genes involved in disease and complex traits, novel gene discovery, higher order genome organization, chromosome struc- ture, and functional genetic bases for human diversity are suitable. Manuscripts describing new technologies and methods and application of gene and genome analysis, including robotic and high-throughput strategies, are encouraged. The editors also encourage submission of manuscripts describing transgenic and gene modification mouse models, especially as they apply to human disease.

Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Publisher: World Scientific (ISSN: 0219-7200), Singapore

Description: The Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology aims to publish high quality, original research articles, expository tutorial papers and review papers as well as short, critical comments on technical issues associated with the analysis of cellular information.


Publisher: Nature Publishing Group (ISSN 0028-0836), Lebanon Junction, Kentucky

Description: First, to serve scientists through prompt publication of significant advances in any branch of science, and to provide a forum for the reporting and discussion of news and issues concerning science. Second, to ensure that the results of science are rapidly disseminated to the public throughout the world, in a fashion that conveys their significance for knowledge, culture and daily life.

Nature Biotechnology

Publisher: Nature Publishing Group (ISSN 1087-0156), Lebanon Junction, Kentucky

Description: Nature Biotechnology is a monthly journal covering the science and business of biotechnology. It publishes new concepts in technology/methodology of relevance to the biological, biomedical, agricultural and environmental sciences as well as covers the commercial, political, ethical, legal, and societal aspects of this research. The first function is fulfilled by the peer-reviewed research section, the second by the expository efforts in the front of the journal. We provide researchers with news about business; we provide the business community with news about research developments. The core areas in which we are actively seeking research papers include: molecular engineering of nucleic acids and proteins; molecular therapy (therapeutics genes, antisense, siRNAs, aptamers, and DNAzymes, ribozymes, peptides, proteins); large-scale biology (genomics, functional genomics, proteomics, structural genomics, metabolomics, etc.); computational biology (algorithms and modeling), regenerative medicine (stem cells, tissue engineering, biomaterials); imaging technology; analytical biotechnology (sensors/detectors for analytes/macromolecules), applied immunology (antibody engineering, xenotransplantation, T-cell therapies); food and agricultural biotechnology; and environmental biotechnology.

Nature Genetics

Publisher: Nature Publishing Group (ISSN 1061-4036), Lebanon Junction, Kentucky

Description: Nature Genetics publishes the very highest quality research in genetics. It encompasses genetic and functional genomic studies on human traits and on other model organisms, including mouse, fly, nematode and yeast. Current emphasis is on the genetic basis for common and complex diseases and on the functional mechanism, architecture and evolution of gene networks, studied by experimental perturbation.

Nucleic Acids Research

Publisher: Oxford University Press (ISSN 0305-1048), Oxford, UK

Description: Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) publishes the results of leading edge research into physical, chemical, biochemical and biological aspects of nucleic acids and proteins involved in nucleic acid metabolism and/or interactions. It enables the rapid publication of papers under the following categories: RNA, molecular biology, chemistry, genomics, computational biology and structural biology. A Survey and Summary section provides a format for brief reviews. The first issue of each year is devoted to biological databases.

PNAS: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Publisher: National Academy of Sciences (ISSN 0027-8424), Washington

Description: PNAS is one of the world's most-cited multidisciplinary scientific serials. Since its establishment in 1914, it continues to publish cutting-edge research reports, commentaries, reviews, perspectives, colloquium papers, and actions of the Academy. Coverage in PNAS spans the biological, physical, and social sciences. PNAS is published weekly in print, and daily online in PNAS Early Edition.


Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science (ISSN 0036-8075), New York


Description:  Founded in 1880 on $10,000 of seed money from the American inventor Thomas Edison,Science has grown to become the world's leading outlet for scientific news, commentary, and cutting-edge research, with the largest paid circulation of any peer-reviewed general-science journal. Through its print and online incarnations, Sciencereaches an estimated worldwide readership of more than one million. In content, too, the journal is truly international in scope; some 35 to 40 percent of the corresponding authors on its papers are based outside the United States. Its articles consistently rank among world's most cited research.

Science's leading position stems from many factors:

  • the journal's strong tradition of editorial independence;
  • its high standards of peer review and editorial quality (of the more than 12,000 top-notch scientific manuscripts that the journal sees each year, less than 8% are accepted for publication);
  • its Board of Reviewing Editors, consisting of more than 100 of the world's top scientists;
  • its strong connections with the scientific community, which ensures a stream of lively, up-to-date, and authoritative news and commentary in its pages;
  • the dedication of its professional staff in the U.S., the U.K., and other countries, including 26 Ph.D. editors, a creative production and art group, and a team of science writers, reporters, and journalists second to none;
  • the support of its publisher, AAAS, the world's largest general-science society.

Today, a century and a quarter after its founding, Science continues to publish the very best in scientific research, news, and opinion. Whether you're concerned with AIDS, SARS, genomic medicine, Mars, or global warming, or just want to keep abreast of where the scientific world is and where it's going, you will find something worthwhile in Science.