A HIIT to improve insulin resistance in obese adults

Project Investigator:  Fabiano Amorim, PhD

Project Description:  Exercise has been shown to improve cardiovascular health and blood sugar levels. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) uses short periods of all-out efforts followed by brief periods of recovery. Despite these benefits, many individuals have difficulty accessing facitlites and finding time to exercise. Stair climbing with all-out efforts with periods of recovery may provide time efficient benefits of exercise without going to a gym.

This study will invesitage the effects of an 8-week, all-out effort stair climbing exercise program on cardiovascular health and blood sugar levels.¬† Exercise training will consist of stair climbing 3 times a week; 24 sessions total. One program will involve a single session of all-out stair climbing per day (6-12 stair stair climbs). The other program will consist of splitting number of stair climbing sessions (3-6 stair stair climbs) twice per day. Therefore, both programs will have the same number of stairs climbed per day. Every session will last no more than 10 to 20 minutes. The number of bouts (6‚Äď12) will be increased progressively over the weeks (see Figure 1.).

Figure 1. Stair training exercise programs

Participation in high intensity interval exercise as been shown to be a more enjoyable form of exercise. By participating in this study you will be provided results of your body composition assessment and cardiovascular test. Knowledge of body composition and cardiovascular capacity are are indicative of health and aerobic fitness which can be helpful in directing your individual exercise program goals.

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