Brian Schutte

Image of Brian Schutte

Associate Professor: College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environment Sciences | (575) 646-7082  


The goal of my research program is to develop weed management strategies that are appropriate for agricultural ecosystems in the southwestern United States. For many weed species, reserves of seeds in soil (i.e., seed banks) are critical to long-term population growth rates. Accordingly, my research aims to develop tactics that directly target weed seed banks. Previous projects have clarified weed seed defenses, seed-predator interactions and abiotic factors that influence weed seed fate. Currently, my research group is conducting field and laboratory experiments on seed mortality and seedbank dynamics of agricultural weeds of southern New Mexico. In addition to enhancing knowledge of weed seed survival, we hope to provide farmers the information needed to deplete weed seed banks through natural ecological processes including seed decay and fatal germination.


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