Home-based Prediabetes Care in Acoma Pueblo

Project Investigator:  Matt Bouchonville, MD, CDE

Project Description: We are conducting a 5-year study to test the impact of providing 16 weeks of home-based education to Acoma Native Americans at increased risk for type 2 diabetes.  This education will be provided by Community Health Representatives from Acoma Pueblo and will include support around lifestyle measures such as diet, exercise, and other behavioral changes shown to prevent diabetes.  We will enroll 150 adults in the study.  Half will receive the 16-week home-based education right away and the other half will receive the education one year later.  This study design will allow us to compare the impact of the home-based education to what would be considered “usual care,” while also ensuring that all participants receive the benefit of the education at some point during the study.  We will compare the impact of the education versus usual care on the development of diabetes and a variety of other measures, such as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, motivation, and adherence to medications and appointments. 

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