Kathy A. Hanley

Regent’s Professor: Biology Department
khanley@nmsu.edu | (575) 646-4583


Research Area: Molecular Biology

In the Hanley lab, we investigate the molecular biology, evolution and ecology of emerging RNA viruses like dengue and Zika, with the goal of using this basic knowledge to design better methods to control the spread of these dangerous pathogens.

We currently focus on five main avenues of research (seeĀ Projects linkĀ for more details):

  • Mechanisms of sylvatic arthropod-borne virus (arbovirus) emergence, with a focus on sylvatic dengue, Zika, chikungunya and yellow fever.
  • Mapping the distribution of the mosquito vectors of Zika virusĀ  in New Mexico.
  • Interactions between arboviruses andĀ  RNA interference (RNAi).
  • Competition among dengue virus serotypes, ecotypes and strains.
  • Novel synergies for antiviral drug design.

Students interested in an inter-disciplinary approach to the
study of RNA viruses are always welcome to contactĀ Dr. HanleyĀ about research opportunities in her lab.

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