New Mexico INBRE Network

New Mexico INBRE Key Components

Developmental Research Project Program (DRPP):  Support for faculty project or career development in the following thematic areas:

  • Structure and Function of Biomolecules¬†
  • Cell and Organism
  • Pathogens
  • Population and Community Health

New Mexico INBRE Summer Experience (NISE):  Multiple options for students at varying levels of research readiness

NISE Prep:  engages students without prior research experiences in mentored research at their home institution.

NISE Bootcamp:  brings students with little or no research experience through research training and career development as a summer cohort at the research-intensive New Mexico State University.

NISE Internship:  offers more advanced students the opportunity to conduct intensive and mentored laboratory, medical, or field-based summer research at research-intensive institutions.

NISE Internship in Bioinformatics:  immerses advanced students in the tools and approaches of bioinformatics-driven research at the National Center for Genome Research.

Experiential Learning Development Program (ELDP):  Curriculum-based strategies to increase opportunities for students to conduct authentic research at teaching-intensive partner institutions.

Advanced Sequencing and Bioinformatics is integrated by the National Center for Genome Research throughout NM-INBRE components.  Support for faculty research, student development, technology access, speakers and partnerships that advance collaborative science.   Igniting collaborations, exchange of complementary services, and access to technologies with other IDeA-supported core facilities throughout the country.  Leaders in engaging K-12 students in genomics and bioinformatics. 

Native Health Initiative brings the strength of community based, participatory research to address critical health issues, including diabetes, kidney disease, and multiple cancers, that occur disproportionately among the native Pueblos of New Mexico.

Two Annual Research Symposia

New Mexico Symposium in Bioinformatics, Science and Technology (NMBIST):  Sessions surround a specific and current annual theme at the intersection of bioinformatics, technology, and biomedical or behavioral science.

New Mexico INBRE Annual Research Symposium:  Sessions showcase network-supported research and offer student career-development or investigator targeted grant workshops.