NISE Mentors

Amanda K. Ashley Chemistry & Biochemistry DNA Repair/Replication, Cancer Biology, Development Chemotherapy Resistance
Ryan Ashley Animal Science  Reproductive Physiology
Donovan Bailey Plant Systematics Plant Systematics
Christopher Baker Analytic Chemistry Analytic chemistry, Separation Science, and microfluidics with applications to neuroscience
Paul W. Bosland Plant & Environmental Sciences Chile Breeding & Genetics
Kenneth C. Carroll Plant & Environmental Sciences Plant & Environmental Sciences
Samantha Carlisle Chemistry & Biochemistry Bioinformatics of Endogenous cellular metabolism and its impact in cancer and diabetes
Maria Castillo Biology Immunology
Christopher S. Cramer Plant and Environmental Sciences Breeding, Genetics, Onions, Quantitative Genetics, Crop Production
Jennifer Curtiss Biology Biology
Jennifer A. Hernandez Gifford Cell & Developmental Biology Reproductive Physiology
Kathy A. Hanley Biology Molecular Biology
Immo Hansen Biology Molecular Vector Physiology
Kevin D. Houston Chemistry & Biochemistry Molecular Mechanisms of Ovarian Steroid Receptor Action in Cancers and Tumors
Shanna L. Ivey Animal Science  Development of strategies to detoxify plant
Clint Loest Animal Science  Animal Science
Hongmei Luo Chemical & Engineering Functional oxide, nitride, and nanocomposite
Shelley Lusetti Chemistry & Biochemistry Cellular genome maintenance processes of DNA replication, recombination, and repair
Barbara A. Lyons Chemistry & Biochemistry Structure to function and specificity in the Grb7 protein family
Teri Orr Biology Physiological Ecology, Behavioral Ecology and Mammalogy
Gary W. Roemer Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology Mammalogy, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Population Dynamics
Adriana Romero-Olivares Biology Microbial volatile organic compounds under global climate change
Alvaro Romero College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environment Sciences Urban Entomology
Brian Schutte College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environment Sciences Weed Science
C. Brad Shuster Biology Cell & Developmental Biology
Adam Summers Animal Science Reproductive Physiology, Fetal Programming
Patrick Trainor Economics, Applied Statistics & International Business Department


Economics, Applied Statistics & International Business
Graciela Unguez Biology Neuromuscular physiology, Developmental Neurobiology
Cory Windorff Chemistry & Biochemistry Inorganic Chemistry
Tim Wright Biology Animal behavior & evolution
Jiannong Xu Biology  Genomics
Erik T. Yukl Chemistry & Biochemistry Chemistry & Biochemistry
YanyanZhang Civil Engineering Pathogen detection & inactivation
Stefan Zollner Physics Ellipsometry