NM-INBRE Request for Funds

The New Mexico INBRE program offers funding to support multiple aspects of the research enterprise and career development for faculty and student researchers. The types of support described below are offered only while funds are available, not necessarily each year. More information about funding is available at the links below and from your Institutional Liaison.

 To apply for Tech Access, Faculty Release Time, Mini-sabbatical, Equipment or Instrumentation & Conference Presentation Support, please click here: REQUEST for NM-INBRE FUNDS

Tech Access

To support high-quality research and training that depends on costly technologies, core facilities, services and/or expertise, NM-INBRE offers support for faculty and students at its member institutions to access relevant research tools. Requests may include

  • Facility access and/or training costs
  • Costs to obtain archived or gathered data sets, sample processing, or analytical services (such as DNA/RNA sequencing, -omics, etc.)
  • Training costs required to use instrumentation at technical or core facilities
  • Expert consultants such as those in biostatistics, bioinformatics, or other disciplines peripheral but necessary for sound experimental design or implementation

Faculty Release Time

Funds may be available periodically to cover faculty release time for the purpose of research-related activity that is not direct project support. Examples of appropriate release-time requests include developing a research project proposal or research manuscript. Release time must be approved by the applicant’s institutional supervisor and administrative official.


Funds may be requested to cover costs related to time needed at another institution or facility to receive training in research methods, data collection or analysis, or instrumentation use that will expand research capabilities of researchers at member institutions.

Equipment or Instrumentation

NM-INBRE may support requests for capitalized equipment or instrumentation that builds the research capabilities at member organizations. Priority will be given to requests that meet the needs of multiple users, and those that have institutional commitment to share the costs of purchase. Capitalized equipment is defined by NIH as an article of tangible nonexpendable personal property having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more per unit, or the amount set by institutional policy. In addition to review by the NM-INBRE Admin Core, the requestor’s Institutional Liaison will review all requests to ensure they fit within institutional research priorities.

Conference Presentation Support

Conference support may be provided to cover the cost of registration and/or travel to professional meetings or conferences for researchers who will be presenting their research and may be students or faculty (while funds are available).