Opportunity for New Mexico students to participate in the 2021 RAIN Undergraduate Research Student Exchange at the University of Wyoming

The Regional Alliance of INBRE Networks (RAIN) was formed to support regional collaborations focused on common scientific themes. Opportunities exist for undergraduate students from the region to participate in transformative research experiences in the RAIN states. Individual INBRE Programs within RAIN host expertise-specific student programs, such as lab internships, workshops, and summer camps.

The Wyoming INBRE Program is offering a 10-week fellowship for students interested in biomedical research. In addition to doing guided research, students will attend training and seminar presentations and attend the Annual WY INBRE Summer Symposium to present their work in a professional setting. 

Program Details 

Program Starting Date: May, 24th 2021 

Program Ending Date: Last day of WY INBRE Summer Symposium or one travel day thereafter 

INBRE Summer Symposium Dates: July 29th, 2021 

Pay: up to $5600 for the summer (paid as hourly wage over the working dates of the program). 

Additional Support for travel and housing for the RAIN summer experience may be available. Students should contact their HOME state INBRE office for details. 

To Apply you need the following to complete this application (https://uwyo.infoready4.com/#competitionDetail/1827131): 

1. Review the Faculty Mentor’s list at the end of this document, visit their lab websites, and identify 3 preferred summer mentors. You will enter the names in the application. 

2. A copy of your most recent college transcripts – unofficial copies are acceptable. Be sure to save the transcripts in an easily accessible PDF format. You will upload the pdf copy of your transcript(s) in the application. 

 3. Emails for 2 references that can explain why you are a good candidate for this research experience. You will enter these in the application and the references will receive an email request with instructions for submitting their letters. The references should be prepared to explain why you are a good candidate for this research experience. Reference letters must be submitted by 11:59 PM January 22, 2021. Be sure to request letters early so your references can submit letters before the deadline. To request letters click “Send Letter Request” when you save a draft or submit your application. References from science faculty/instructors are preferred. 

Complete and submit your application by 11:59 PM January 22, 2020. We must receive your completed application including transcripts and letters of reference by the due date. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Internship awards will be announced in mid-February, 2021. 

How are students selected to be RAIN Visiting Interns? 

RAIN Interns are the best and brightest undergraduate students pursuing education and careers in the biomedical sciences in the RAIN Region. The selection process is competitive and rigorous. 

Requirements for being an Intern: 1) Students must currently be enrolled at an institution in a RAIN state (Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and New Mexico). 2) Students must be graduating on or after December 2021. Students graduating in May or August 2021 will not be eligible for Fellowships in 2021. 

Criteria for Intern selection: The following criteria are used by Wyoming INBRE when choosing a RAIN Visiting Intern. These criteria are considered as a ‘whole’, and not necessarily in the order listed. 

1. Interest in biomedical science and research 

2. Academic record, including science courses completed, major in a biomedical-related discipline, and GPA 

3. Reference letters 

4. Date of expected graduation 

5. Family educational background 

6. Preference is given for applicants that graduated from high schools in the Western INBRE region (ID, MT, NV, NM, WY) 

7. Challenges you have overcome to obtain your education 

For questions contact Dr. Annie Bergman or Dr. Scott Seville. 

The RAIN Undergraduate Research Student Exchange is competitive. The number of applications we receive will exceed the available internships and we will not be able to support all applications. To be competitive all information and responses to questions should be clear, concise and edited for grammar.