Role of HIF1 in GPER Signaling in the Pulmonary Circulation

Project Investigator: Jessica Snow

Project Description:  Pulmonary hypertension is characterized by high blood pressure in the lungs, and certain types are more common in young women than in any other group of people. On the other hand estrogen, the “female sex hormone” lessens the disease in experimental models. This has raised a paradox that scientists cannot fully explain yet. Our current work involves studying the potential mechanisms in the lung circulation that may lead to pulmonary hypertension or protect against on a cellular level, including a novel signaling molecule GPER (G protein coupled estrogen receptor). GPER binds estrogen in the body and elicits many cellular responses. However, its role in the lung circulation is poorly understood. Through these studies, we hope to improve understanding, prevention and treatment of pulmonary hypertension.

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