NM-INBRE develops a NISE Virtual Research Experience for the Summer 

Since the world is living in unprecedented times due COVID-19, New Mexico INBRE has been forced to modify how the NISE program will be run this summer. The admin core has been working with the National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR) to develop a virtual bioinformatics experience to offer to selected students as an alternative to the traditional NISE program.

 According to New Mexico INBRE’s Co-Director, Dr. Ryan Ashley “The concepts and technologies covered in this experience are truly cross disciplinary and will help any individual interested in Biomedical Research at any level”.  The approximate 4-week bioinformatics experience will cover molecular biology concepts and technologies interwoven with related bioinformatics/computational techniques to solve biomedical research questions. The educational approach will include video conference lectures and discussions, hands-on exercises, homework using online and command line tools/resources, and student engagement/presentations. Students will learn about UNIX command line basics, DNA structure and inheritance, DNA sequencing technologies, replication, transcription and translation, polymerase chain reaction, mutations, gene expression, metagenomics, and career building sessions. The research experience will take place from June 1-July 31.  


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