NM-INBRE Experiential Learning Development Program at San Juan College

New Mexico INBRE’s Experiential Learning Development Program (ELDP) at San Juan College becomes a considerable accomplishment. Last summer as the COVID-19 pandemic was unfolding, five students signed up for hands on research experience in two groups, Dr. Eric Miller’s group in Chemistry and Dr. Russel Grahn’s group in Biology.  Undergraduate research courses such as these provide students with enhanced training beyond the classroom giving them experiences they can add on their resumes.

Dr. Eric Miller (left) and Luke Venturina (right) in front of their rough synthesis plan.


In Chemistry, Luke Andrew Venturina worked on synthesizing a new indole-glucose compound of interest in anticancer studies.  Luke used an advanced deep eutectic solvent for the synthesis and infra-red spectroscopy for the analysis.  Eliana Christensen studied rubber and plastic micro particles found in road runoff.  Eliana used Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy for the study.  In Biology, Adam Harrelson, Nathaniel Jobe, and Jared Alderman used sterile culturing techniques and molecular biology to study the viruses, or bacteriophages, that infect bacteria found in the San Juan River. 

Dr. Eric Miller shows the operations of the Scanning Electron Microscope.


*Group photo on heading: San Juan College Clean room. Seated left to right: Jared Alderman and Eliana Christensen. Standing left to right: Adam Harrelson, Nathaniel Jobe, Dr. Toni Pendergrass, Luke Venturina, Dr. Russell Grahn, and Dr. Eric Miller.

📷 & details by:  Dr. Eric Miller

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