NM-INBRE investigator receives the Presidential Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship, & Creative Activity

Dr. Ivana Mali, Assistant Professor of Wildlife Biology at Eastern New Mexico University and NM-INBRE investigator, has recently been awarded the ENMU Presidential Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity.  Dr. Mali was nominated by her peers, students, and the campus community for her amazing achievements and contributions to wildlife research. She will receive a check for $2,000 and a plaque.

Dr. Mali found out about this award while working out on the field, she was sitting on the bank of the Pecos River watching her students set turtle traps. “It put a big smile on my face as it is just a great feeling being recognized for the work not just me but my students put in in the past 5 years. I have a very dynamic lab and very hard-working students,” she said.  For her, this year is particularly challenging because she and her team are working on 4 different externally funded projects in the middle of pandemic, but this award gave her and her team a motivational boost.

According to Dr. Mali, she intends to spend the $2,000 on protective masks for her team when they are out in the field and a WiFi Hot Spot to stay in touch, plus other necessities. She would’ve love to take her research team to a celebratory dinner to thank them for being a part of the team, but as social distancing restrictions are still enforced it makes it a little complicated.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic is hard for her to think about the future research plans given the great uncertainties the world is currently facing. “I am trying to focus on grants already in place and making sure we fulfill these contracts. In more distant future, I can see being focused more on genetics type projects in my lab as well as more modeling-based approaches to wildlife management and conservation,” she stated.  To learn more about Dr. Mali and her research, please visit https://imwildlife.weebly.com


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